Friday, March 9, 2012

Giving Meetup a Spin

I'll be giving Meetup a spin, using our local Fort Worth band of Gamers, The Order of the Funny-Shaped-Dice.  So far so good: I got a very quick response to my inquiry on a Pathfinder game.  It'll be good to get back in the saddle of actually playing regularly, whatever the edition.

I am hopeful.  The group seems to be mature, with real people with real jobs that take showers and whatnot.  So hope springs eternal.  I'm pretty sure that my closet gaming nature is partially informed by my fear of being thought to be an unwashed, unemployed, basement-living member of the gaming subculture.  Don't you just hate it when those little self-observations reveal your shallow-but-unfortunately-true ways of thinking?


  1. I've had great luck with From the outset, I found a group of excellent, friendly, fun people to game with that has slowly expanded, and occasionally contracted as people drift away.

    There have been one or two clunkers, but they seem to weed themselves out. I hope your experience with it is as good as mine has been here in NJ.

    1. The challenge has been, of course, that I'm jumping in midstream and various games are going on already. Hopefully I can get in one soon.