Monday, March 19, 2012

Incredible color freehand mapping courtesy of the Vaults of the Mad Archmage

Ragnardbard is far too humble.  His work makes my meager sepia offerings downright pathetic.  What an inspiration, though!

VAULTS OF THE MAD ARCHMAGE: Gardens and Graveyard, colour...:

There are some seriously great freehand mappers out there.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I hadn't seen his blog before and those maps are fantastic.

  2. Phooey! Thanks for the compliments mate, but your maps are awesome too. I am somewhat compulsive, and spend long hours at night mapping and listening to podcasts etc (Save or Die, just for instance). Not everyone has the time to throw into that stuff, but if you don't, clean lines and simple unity of form (like your choice of making sepia maps) can still result in seriously beautiful maps. I love your maps too, man. The effort really pays off in game.

    Beware though. Since I threw time into this I find it hard NOT to make beautiful maps. I am spoiled by my own nice maps... ;)

  3. I'm feelin' the mutual geek love. Hetero chest bump!