Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One-Page Dungeon 2012

This year's One-Page Dungeon contest is up and running, and I'm in.  I'll be submitting my freehand entry very shortly.  Best of luck to the other contestants!

I had a great time designing my entry, Holy Sword.  It's something I had kicked around for a bit but hadn't really considered for One-Page treatment until I started working on my freehand more and started to see the beauty of the key-on-map -- at least for my own use.  The next step was to make a key-on-map that was usable by other people that were coming to the product cold and with their own points of view.

One-Page, to me, means the following:
  • Using as much of the page as possible within concept
  • Going stat- and game-mechanics-free as possible -- both to save space as well as to keep it system-neutral
  • Simple illustrations substitute for verbiage
  • Brevity!  Less is more in descriptions!
  • Providing real, usable content that is more than a skeleton or flowchart
Here's hoping my scanner can pick up the details and render them readable; I'd hate to start over!

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